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I just noticed that OO v2 is on the store requiring another full purchase from existing purchasers of the previous version and that the previous version has been withdrawn from the store, presumably to be no longer updated or supported for future IOS releases.

Given that this app is regarded on the AppStore as a relatively premium purchase, I have to feel quite upset about this apparent disregard for customer loyalty. It is also clear to me that if I were to purchase V2 I should do so, expecting to have to pay all over again, for a third time, for V3.

This in short, stinks.

Why not at least continue with a single version with an in-app purchase option to upgrade to some new features - perhaps for half the cost of the the app again. But to expect users to rebuy entirely really isn't a customer friendly strategy. I also see very little declaration or explanation of this strategy on the site or forums anywhere... Not a little ashamed are you, guys?