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Apologies for the upset we've caused, Badmanj. We removed v1 from the app store to avoid creating a confusing situation when devices with iOS 7 installed searched the app store. They'd see two apps with very similar names from the same company. Some folks would inevitably get the wrong app and have a variety of poor experiences.

However, customers who previously bought the app can still install it from the Purchases tab of the App Store on their device. We are, of course, also happy to continue offering support to customers who run version 1 on their iOS 7 devices.

We're in no way opposed to additional bug fix releases; as Ken mentioned in another thread, we're taking a look at bugs like that now. To be clear, we do not yet know how the App Store review process will react to a bug fix release for an app that's no longer for sale. Regardless of whether we are ultimately able to issue more v1 releases, though, myself and the rest of the support staff will do everything we can for folks running the v1 apps, regardless of whether they have iOS 6 or 7 installed.

When selling new, isolated functionality, an In-App Purchase works great. But when a major feature of the new app is a completely redesigned interface, or much faster performance, In-App Purchase makes for a very awkward user experience. We want new customers who purchase our app to see our latest and best interface and to get the best performance, not to buy the app and be presented with an interface that's out of step with their OS until they pay more.

(Side note: it's true that many developers use introductory pricing/sales as a band-aid for the App Store's lack of built-in upgrade pricing, but we don't feel that it's a good solution. More detail on that is posted here.)

In the end, we remain committed to providing value to our existing customers, regardless of which version of app they're using. We also understand the appeal of lifetime updates after a single purchase to customers. However, for a productivity tool designed for professionals, that's not a sustainable business plan. It falls apart for the same reasons a Ponzi scheme does.

It's not our intent to make anyone purchase something they don't want. We do hope you'll be interested enough in our latest work to consider doing so at a time of your choosing. If not, you'll continue to get support for the tool you already own.