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-------->Originally Posted by steve
Is it possible to only show flagged items? When I show flagged items in the tool bar, all of my unflagged projects are still present. I have to scroll around to find my flagged projects and items. I would like them to disappear so I can focus on the flagged items.

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That's true in project view, but not in context view, where only flagged items (including actions that inherit their flags from projects) appear.
This doesn't seem to be working. Anything unflagged that doesn't have a context shows up as well, even though I'm filtering to show only flagged items.

Here are my perspective settings:

View Mode: Context
Focus: No Focus
Filter: All Contexts
Grouping: Ungrouped
Sorting: Flagged
Action Filter: Remaining
Time Filter: Any
Flag Filter: Flagged

In addition, if I switch to showing just No Context items, and filter to show only unflagged tasks, the flagged tasks show up as well!

--Sandy Santra