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"The server certificate for "https://[mycomputername].local:[a number]/OmniFocus.ofocus/" is signed by an untrusted root server. This site may not be trustworthy. Would you like to synchronize anyway?"
Woops! Sorry, that prompt is a bug: OmniFocus isn't supposed to display an "Untrusted Root Server" error when doing a Bonjour sync.

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As a guy who does security for a living, and is having this same problem, that warning may be "normal" but it certainly isn't a good idea. Teaching customers to click "Trust always" without giving them any way to verify that the certificate is, actually, something they should trust is bad practice.
Absolutely agreed!

Sorry for the internal confusion on this, our support ninjas thought our OmniFocus engineers knew about this change in behavior and that we were accepting it as a limitation of the new security API—when really it's just a bug in our new code, not something imposed by the API at all. We'll fix it.

(Sorry also for the delay in noticing and responding to this! We've been working around the clock towards getting our first round of iPad apps ready.)