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When I look at the pending and stalled project filters in OmniFocus... the only difference I see between the two is:

stalled projects are projects that have children with future start dates
Or projects which have no children, or only children which are assigned to on-hold contexts. In general, if the project is active, but there is no currently available next action, it is stalled.
pending projects are projects that have a project future start date.

For me, projects that have only one child that has a future start date should be in the pending projects filter.
Why? The project isn't pending, the action is. A pending project is one I don't need to think about until its start date rolls around; a stalled project is a project where I don't have something I could do at the moment, but that could change instantly (and probably should -- I review those stalled projects separately).
Does anyone out there use the stalled project filter in their workflow? If so how.
By this point, you've probably concluded (correctly) that I do :-)

I have a perspective just for reviewing stalled projects, which I do first in my reviews. To my way of thinking, a stalled project is one that needs attention:
  • It may just need to be marked complete
  • It may need additional actions added
  • If it is waiting for some gating action, I'll want to keep an eye on that so I'm not surprised if it doesn't happen when it should
  • It may need to be put on hold (pending) if it is not complete, yet there will be no actions for some time