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I'm giving Omnifocus a spin for the trial period and was really excited about the clipping from features, but ran into a problem trying to install the Clip-o-tron plugin. I've attached a screenshot, but basically as soon as click the "install" button in Omnifocus' prefs, I get an error message that says, "Failed to install '/Users/jeffersonstovall/Library/Mail/Bundles/OmniMailMessageServiceEnabler.mailbundle'.

I've searched for about two days, but can't find this specific issue with the Clip-o-tron, and I've tried a variety of fixes, including:
  • Fixing permissions via disk utility
    Changing my library permissions to "all" for read/write
    Installing from the dmg image
    Turning off/on services
    Multiple restarts and reinstalls

Clipping text from messages works

If someone could help me out, this would be the killer features that would probably get me to purchase the program.

Let me know if there's anything else to try, or if, somehow, I missed the solution somehwere in the forums.

Thanks, guys.