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I had a response from the ninjas (!) which solved the problem for me. Here is the suggestion:

I'm sorry for the trouble this is causing! This error is usually caused by a permissions issue on the system- specifically, OmniFocus doesn't have permission to install the Clippings plugin in your Mail Bundles folder. Let's try the following:

- Open Finder

- Select Go>Go to Folder

- Enter the following: ~/Library/Mail/

- Right-click on the Bundles folder, and select "Get Info"

- In the Permissions section of the info window, make sure you have read and write access

If that didn't help, you may want to try moving the existing Bundles folder to the Desktop, then create a new folder called "Bundles" in the same location- that should give the folder the correct permissions.

Let me know if that helps, or if there is anything else I can do.

I hope the ninja doesn't mind me posting the response. I guess I'll know if I have a metal star sticking out of my head shortly.