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Lizard, no, I don't think that is the issue. I think I found the reason for two sets of data. On A2, I have my main web site. I wanted to be able to have an "addon" domain (or more) on the same server. A2's default recipe is to have your addon domain(s) inside your main /public_html/. I wanted mine parallel, not hierarchical, so some time ago I set that up. So I have /public_html/mydomain which is where my main domain is. Anyway, through various early attempts, I somehow managed to get my WebDisk at both /public_html/ and /public_html/mydomain.

But now I'm having other problems, which I'm sure I'll eventually uncover the answer to.



That folder gets created on the web server. Using that path in OFX:

"Unable to synchronize database with server.

Could not access the WebDAV location <>.

Please make sure that the location set in your Sync preferences actually exists."

OK, fine, so I move on:


I get: /OmniFocus.ofocus/ on the server, i.e., at the root, not in public_html. It is a tiny file, not my database.


Now if I delete the WebDisk, OF folder on the server, and reset my OFX sync prefs, then start over with different settings in cPanel:



Same deal, a small /OmniFocus.ofocus/ on the server, i.e., at the root, not in public_html.

When I try:

I get an /public_html/OmniFocus.ofocus/ on the server (right spot this time), but still a tiny file.


I have had my actual db sync to my WebDisk twice now, so I know it's possible.


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