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Omni Response:

This has been filed internally at Omni as:
<bug://bugs/48521> ([need repro] Some changes sync and some don't (especially completing actions))

If you are also experiencing this issue please
Email OmniFocus Support
Many of you have been posting about making changes on your iPhone, and then when syncing with your desktop, seeing your changes get overwritten.

There are few things that might explain this, a few things that might help you out, and some things we need to know to be able to debug this, and make it work better for you.

What might explain this

1. Your iPhone didn't get a chance to sync.

If you made a change, and then turned OmniFocus off, it wouldn't have had a chance to push its updates to the server. OmniFocus for iPhone knows to sync on launch, but since it can get killed with very little notice it doesn't always get a chance to sync.

Try pressing the sync button on the phone before firing up your desktop version.

There may still be issues, we're working on it. We have a bug. Its has many eyes and hands on it.

2. Make sure that if you're using MobileMe, you're using MobileMe and not generic WebDAV to point at your iDisk.

That will cause issues, just have both use the MobileMe settings.


This is a top concern for us. If you can get a case that is reproducible let us know and it'll help us out, and get a fix out faster.