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Some of the activities I do can be performed in multiple contexts. For example, I can "buy shampoo" at a physical store (ie - Errands context) or online (ie - Mac : Online context).

Is there any way to assign multiple contexts to a single item?
The very short answer is "No." Which is too bad, as this is the one thing that I really miss in OF. There are several ways of getting around this:

1. Think of Context as applying strictly to the most essential tool/setting to get a task done. You will probably come up with one context for a task.
2. Utilize the projects and folders to place the task/project and find it there
3. Using Perspectives
4. You can create "tags" of sorts, but entering a character, say @, followed by the tag name (your additional context) in the notes section of a give task. A search on the tag - e.g., @Boss, will return all the tasks that were marked as @Boss

OF has been threatening to add user defined meta data, which will allow for exactly what you (and I) are looking for by way of multiple contexts for the same task.

Hope this helps.