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But for one of the sections, I want to use Arial 14. So I highlighted every line of that section, went into the Inspector, and selected Arial 14.
Assuming your sections are all divided by a row level, what you could do is set styles for all descendants of that row. To do this, you need to use the style view (View -> Show Styles View). With that on you'll see a lot of chit boxes on the right side of the window. Hovering over a box will tell you what it represents. Basically, the left-most box is the style of that corresponding row and each box to the right is for its children/grand-children/etc. You can use those to set a 14 font size for just the rows in that section.

If you have a lot of row levels in that section, this can be a little tedious and is actually where automatic level styles is handy. If you turn that feature on, and then just selected all the existing rows in the section and applied the font size, it would then set that font size to the corresponding styles that you would be manually setting using the previous instructions. The one problem with this is that the font size could get promoted to the row level if say only lvl 8 and higher row levels existed under that section.