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I created a complex cellular pathway diagram using predominantly freehand drawing within OmniGraffle for iPad. Really nice.

Now I would like to make several versions of this diagram where I "focus" on a particular subsection by making the other sections less opaque (transparent). These will serve as intro slides for different parts of a presentation.

I'm pretty sure that opacity (transparency) is not supported on the iPad version. So I downloaded the pro version for the Mac to see if I could do it there. Unfortunately, all my freehand connecting lines and arrows have been converted to closed paths.

Please confirm that I haven't missed something that would allow me to achieve the desired effect.

My workaround will be to use the PNG version that the iPad creates when I take a screen shot of the diagram. I will then use an image editor on my Mac to select portions of the figure and create the transparency there. I should be able to do that after importing the PNG, I hope.