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I was pleased to read the recent note that the next version of OO is your priority. Here are my highest hopes for new features:

1) Sort and Filter based on Columnar Data - this would greatly extend the customizability and capabilities of OO for me.

2) Scale images - it's great being able to add images to an outline, but if we could re-size the image once it's in the outline, it'd be even better.

3) Boolean searches - Batch Find is excellent, but I could drill down to what I'm looking for MUCH faster if I could add more specific search criteria.

4) Override styles option - currently, the style for one line overrides the style for that level, and the level style overrides the document style. Sometimes, I've got a whole bunch of different styles at the same level and it'd be great to have the option to make one overall change for the entire level and not have to change those items one by one.

5) Multiple OO files open at once - accessed by tabs

6) More choices for Customize Toolbar - there are some functions I use a lot (Find and Hoist to name just two) for which there are no Toolbar icons. It'd be terrific to have the choice to put any possible menu command up on the toolbar. (It's about the only thing I ever really admired about MS Word.)

7) Can I have all this tomorrow?