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I've just discovered a program called Slife which might prove to be an excellent add-on to OmniFocus. I have to admit that sometimes when a project gets stuck or I get overwhelmed, I tend to float to a favorite website— (Like right now!). Or, I can end up spending too much time doing a particular task at the expense of another more important task.

Currently, Slife is running on my computer and it will tell me how much time I have spent on this forum today and even how much time I've spent writing this post. Scary, I know. It will track how much time you have spent in your in-box and even how many messages are in your inbox.

Slife is compatible with OmniFocus. When you focus on a project, it will record how much time you are looking at that project. It will also show you how much spent in a given perspective or your omnifocus inbox.

This program isn't for everyone— I can't imagine using it all the time, but it might be interesting to use in a limited way. How much time am I actually spending massaging OmniFocus rather than cranking out next actions?

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