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I just got my invite but have not actually switched over yet. I've been using WebDav on my own host and it works pretty well. However, having OmniFocus on a personal Mac, a work Mac, iPhone, and iPad makes synchronization a bit of an issue, especially since my database is pretty big and sync operations are a bit slow on the iOS devices.

Before I dive in with both feet, I was wondering if anyone has noticed a particular performance boost or decrease with the Omni server? I mean, aside from the couple of "first time I did it, it seemed slow" kinds of posts... have you seen an improvement by switching from your old method?

Gets me to wondering, if every item is in fact a little zip file in the OmniFocus directory, why you couldn't employ a kind of "trickle sync" and just sync up every updated item in a background thread after every change rather than batching them up. Quite often I'll be updating my daily checklists on the iPad when it suddenly starts "updating with synced data", which sometimes creates duplicates of the repeating items I just checked off. Are you guys thinking about moving away from the batch model?