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Have you tried the new importer in 2.1, which you have to explicitly enable? If that fails, too, I'm sure they'd appreciate some files demonstrating the failure...
Sure thing. OG had my bug report before I was writing here.
I tested the new importer a few months ago and gave up on it because it was crashing on me for bigger mpp files. I duly reported them as always, I'm sure Aaron has me marked in his address book, but I never received any feedback if the files I sent in do work now with improved versions.

So I gave the new importer a shot with this little 91 lines mpp file.
* Work schedule exceptions from the MPP calendar seem to be correctly imported now
* 0 days (= milestons in mpp) are now imported as milestones.
* lead or lag times on prerequisites are not being imported (they are correctly imported with the old importer, though.)
* one task that should have a lag time prerequisite got somehow so much corrupted, leading to:
** an untrue violation (at least the way it was displayed: Duration plus start time would violate end constraint). But 1. there is no end constraint in the mpp file, and 2. the duration fits in the mpp file with the same start and end dates, so it should fit in the OP file.
** when clearing the leveling (I guess OP levels the file to adhere to the calendar constraints?) this corrupted task got placed before its FS constraint, which never should happen, at least not without a big fat violation warning.
** scaling the Gantt chart via "Scale for selection" while on automatic units was totally broken.

(Again, this bug has been reported before I wrote this post.)

So, all in all, I think OG is on the right way, but there's still some work to do.
So far, after working on the Mac for 4.5 years now, I'm still waiting for the day an MPP file can be imported correctly.
I understand that OG has to do reverse engineering for MPP files, but then, IMHO, I would not advertise that it works, and lead and lag times isn't really witchcraft in a schedule file.

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