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What I want to do is import a long OmniOutliner document containing hierarchically organized research notes into DevonThink Pro, in such a way that:

1) Every OO entry will correspond to one "RTF document" in DevonThink, and
2) The hierarchy in DevonThink will be the same as it is in OO.
I wonder if this is really the best way to use Devonthink ...

Devonthink is not as good as Omnioutliner at representing the hierarchy of a research argument or a research data base because the sequence of a set of peers does not carry information (the order is lost by automatic sorting).

On the other hand, Devonthink is excellent at indexing and retrieving relevant files.

I would be inclined to split your OO3 document up into slightly smaller documents (certainly not as small as one document per row, but small enough to have some meaning and utility - something in the region of half a page or a few related paragaphs), throw these smaller documents straight into Devonthink (still as 003 files rather than RTF - their contents will still be visible, formatted and indexed), and let the Devonthink indexing and cross document search (and the existing Omnioutliner hierarchy at single or half page level) enable you to find what you want.


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