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Actually, the sequence is not necessarily lost in DevonThink. "Unsorted View" allows the ordering of items to be set manually. You do have a point, however, in that the setting is global and therefore not very flexible.
And once lost, you can't retrieve it ...

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I would therefore have to import the entire OO3 document. Why do you imply that this could be a problem?
No technical problem, but low-yield in terms of DT search.

DT search returns whole documents ... More useful to get back a 1 page document than a 100 page document, and then have to read through it ...

The DT contents pane shows the contents of an OO3 page through Quicklook, but search terms will not be highlighted within the content.

If you want highlighting of search terms within documents found by DT, I would use File > Export > RTF in OO3, and place Rich Text versions of your OO3 material in DevonThink.


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