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Hi - just forked the latest tonight 081511 - and received the following runtime error on TextEditor. Does this sound familiar?

OBASSERT_NOTNULL failed: requires 'delegate', at /Volumes/Shiva/Users/Me/Development/iPhone/iPhone_Apps/Lux/Framework/OmniGroup.old/Frameworks/OmniUI/iPad/OUIScrollNotifier.m:30
ASSERT failed: requires '[delegate conformsToProtocol:@protocol(OUIScrollNotifier)]', at /Volumes/Shiva/Users/Me/Development/iPhone/iPhone_Apps/Lux/Framework/OmniGroup.old/Frameworks/OmniUI/iPad/OUIScrollNotifier.m:31
I understand this is "master" and thus pretty volatile, but your pushes to master are "usually" pretty clean. Is something in flux?

Also there are 3 private "undefined" functions in the OUIExportOptionsController.

- (void)_setInterfaceDisabledWhileExporting:(BOOL)sh ouldDisable;
- (void)_foreground_disableInterfaceForExportConvers ion;
- (void)_foreground_enableInterfaceAfterExportConver sion;
Had to stub them out just to get things to compile.

So my TextEditor doesn't build under Xcode 4.2 (Build 4D151a) + iOS 5 beta 4 + Lion.

Thanks in advance,