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Thanks curt...that fixed it. And yes not sure why those methods didn't catch. Just a glitch in Xcode on my part.

By the way, proxy previews are not being displayed correctly in (my?) TextEditor. I've stepped through in the debugger , with all the flags on, and I notice that they render momentarily (on a close document) and then are quickly "replaced" by the DocumentPlaceholder.png. Isn't the document picker view supposed to draw previews if it can? Or is it just meant for imported PDF documents. I haven't subclassed anything in TextEditor so an RTF document still defaults to the standard OUIDocumentProxy/OUIDocumentProxyPreview. The "hasPDFPreview" setting should kick-in for an RTF Document and start the op.

I would like images of various types to preview correctly in the picker I am customizing.

Thanks again,