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@sworks, the problem is that you cannot assign two contexts to the same tasks. The only working solution I have seen over the years of begging to have a way to associate more than one "tag" with a task (be in multiple contexts or just user defined meta tags, or just tags for the love of god - something that everyone else but OmniGroup seem to do) is to use a convention for what constitutes a tag and then create a perspective based on a search for the tag and the associated context.
What sworks is proposing, I think, is making a perspective that includes Waiting For:imlad, People:imlad, and whatever other *:imlad contexts one might have. Obviously, this gets unwieldy if you have too many such perspectives. That's one of the reasons I like having just one context tree to hold all of this no perspectives needed! I do still have a Waiting context tree, but it doesn't have people in it. I don't find that I need an easy way to find all of the tasks where I'm waiting on any person to do something; the review process (and due dates on those tasks, where appropriate) keeps me aware of them. Being able to pull up that list is the only benefit I've ever seen to organizing in that fashion, and for me, it isn't worth it.