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That's brilliant Ken, thanks. Begs the question why you couldn't just tell people it was that imminent, but it's good news anyway.
I did try to indicate it was coming soon (putting that in the title of this thread, even!), but I also try to avoid getting too concrete about things until we've actually finished them: it's hard to know what roadblocks we might encounter, and in any case actions speak louder than words.

So that just leaves being able to see 99.9% of the plans that my customers send me by email, which are in MSP format of course. If it proves to be technically possible, is that planned for V1.X, or is it more likely to be a paid V2 feature?

I don't need to know when it's coming, just whether or not I'm likely to have to pay again.
We feel that it is important to protect customers' investments in our software, which is why our paid upgrades are spaced years apart and give customers credit for their existing investment (with an upgrade discount which gives 50% or more of the app's previous purchase price).

We've had an independent team working on adding Microsoft Project import support to the iPad app for many months now, and we hope that it will be ready to ship soon. Customers who want that import functionality won't have to pay for a completely new v2 version of OmniPlan; we'll be adding it as an in-app purchase option so that existing investments in OmniPlan will be preserved. (We're planning a try-before-you-buy option, so you'll be able to test whether it works with your projects before you pay to import them.)

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