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I also just block out an hour or two on Sunday morning just for the weekly review.

I only create reminders when I am trying to create a new habit. After a month, I no longer need a reminder and automatically just do it. It is part of the weekly routine.

For example, I don't need a reminder to brush my teeth or prepare breakfast in the morning. That's an automatic thought process. I know that trash day is Thursday. So I know that I have to wheel out my garbage can to the curb on Wednesday night.

If I know that it is Sunday morning, I know that I have to do my weekly review. I don't need a reminder anymore because I know it is part of my daily routine. However, if I don't do that weekly reminder on Sunday morning, 8 AM, I will put a one time reminder in Reminders or OmniFocus to do the daily review. I'll flag it and set the due date to Today.