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An alternative I've tried out is to do the daily review. I click on a project and set the review frequency to 1 week (the default), 1 month, or whatever setting you want.

When I wake up in the morning, I click on the review perspective button on my toolbar and see what needs to be reviewed. Then I click "Mark as Reviewed" or Command-Shift-R. That will reset the project's next review date to the next cycle.

Projects can be reviewed daily, weekly, month, annually or whatever setting in between. Not ever project needs to be reviewed on a daily or even weekly basis. Some can be set to a quarterly basis.

I am always aware of the progress of each of my projects.

This lets me break up the weekly review into bite size chunks every day. Then once every two weeks or once a month, I will do a full-sized review on look at each project for a more thorough analysis of what has stalled, what needs to be activated, and what needs to be put on hold.