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I'm now a week into using Omni Focus and having major difficulty.:mad:
I have omni Focus on my 2 Macs. One at work and one at home. Syncing to my mobileme idisk is all fine and works as expected between the two.

Omnifocus on my iphone retrieves the data fine, however any changes made on the iphone and then synced (manually or automatically) causes problems. Once any changes are made on the iphone, I will always have a problem the next time I sync either of the two Macs. I get the message: "In order to display changes from the server database ...... some recently synced changes happened before your most recent local change"and then I lose all the changes made to actions by my iphone(ie date, completion etc), locally and on the server. However, recently added actions on my iphone sync no problem

This is frustrating as something that I hoped to make my life easier has now made it harder.

The last bit of that error message suggests that the last synced data of my iphone happened before changes made locally. This is not the case.

I hope this is resolved soon.

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