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As a new user, I'm having fun learning about OmniFocus' powerful features as I migrate my system over from my old task applications (Todo on iOS + Toodledoo on the web). One of the features that has me the most intrigued is the location feature on the iOS versions of OmniFocus; this feature seems very powerful, but it raises a few issues with me on its implementation.
It seems that each context within OmniFocus can have only one location associated with it. This means that I cannot use my context @market and have OmniFocus apply location data for the three different markets I might go to while completing my errands. This means I would need to have multiple contexts (@Joe'sMarket, @Pete'sMarket, @AcmeMarket) and know which items I was going to buy at each market ahead of time.
To me, this sort of defeats the purpose of having the location feature doing the work for me. Would it not make more sense to allow a context to have multiple location tags and then OmniFocus could pick the closest one?
To clarify; I don't really care where I buy milk. If I have an action item in OmniFocus to "buy milk"@market, I would like OmniFocus to choose the closest 'version' of @market available rather than make he action item "buy milk"@AcmeMarket and hope that is the one I end up closest to on my travels.
Am I missing something here that would solve my issue?

Thank you for your thoughts on the matter.