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A few folks have tried this with varying success. Omnifocus us not a multiuser app so you're bound to encounter issues.

What are you trying to do that a multiuser gtd app solves? Gtd has always seemed personal. Bug trackers, or similar issues databases are more multiuser by design.
Essentially this is what I am trying to do:

. Delegate tasks to teammates
. Have them receive Tasks
. Have them update status of Task
- notes, attachments, etc
. Complete Task and check it off as complete
. Have entire team aware of open Tasks via OmniFocus

What I am asking for is nothing different than what you can currently do in Toodledo ( But like I said, I can't use web based tools due to confidentiality.

I have a crude workaround using BusyCal and LAN published calendars, but I don't find it as feature rich as I would like it. I am hoping for the Collaboration features in Toodledo in OmniFocus. :)