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I started a research project several weeks ago, bookmarking a handful of useful pages, which I carefully saved (i.e., hid) in a bookmarks sub-folder.

Now that I have time to continue my research, I could not easily locate these hidden bookmarks in my vast Personal Bookmarks list. With a little digging, I found them:
  1. Open the Personal Bookmarks window.
  2. Use the search box at the bottom of the list to find one of the "lost" bookmarks.
  3. In Finder, open OmniWeb's folder of bookmark files (and other stuff): ~/Library/Application Support/OmniWeb 5/
  4. Double-click the Bookmarks.html or Favorites.html file to open it in OmniWeb.
  5. Search the flat list of bookmarks for a key word or phrase.
  6. When a desired bookmark is located, scan the preceding lines for bookmark folder names (larger bold unlinked lines).
  7. Return to the Personal Bookmarks window and locate the desired folder.
  8. Optional: add the BookMarks.html & Favorites.html files to the Favorites bar for easier access the next time.
-- Ward