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I don't know that I agree with your conclusion, but I do agree with your premise... OF is a journey. It is a very robust tool that adapts to an individuals personal style of working GTD. This forum is a great asset in learning how others are doing it. I actually read the GTD book a couple of years ago and tried to implement it and eventually it fell by the sideline because it was too complicate to marry to my world without something like OF. I've tried other attempts at organizing and fell to similar fate. OF has given me hope that I can get and stay organized. I've made several shifts along my short OF journey.

The one thing I'd recommend is trying to keep it simple at first and don't make too many changes too quickly. You want to give yourself time to adapt and then slowly evaluate and tweak your process. Some things I initially though I'd not like or do I eventually realized I needed and liked.

The two phases of Plan and then Do are great foundational concepts and I do have more work to do on the Plan side.