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Hello all! New Omni user here!

I recently downloaded the iPhone app and am currently about halfway through the desktop trial period, and am currently evaluating whether or not OmniFocus will be my task management system.

Before I email the support ninjas with my questions and suggestions, I want to make sure I'm not just missing something!

1. I don't seem to have any Perspectives on the iPhone app. My Home screen shows Inbox, Forecast, Projects, Contexts, Flagged, Map, and Search. On my Mac, I have a perspective called "Due", but this doesn't show on my iPhone. Also, the Help section on the iPhone app mentions "If you're syncing with OmniFocus for Mac, tap perspectives to see your commonly used view states". I don't' seem to have this option. What am I missing?

2. When viewing actions, either by Project or by Context, is there any way to sort the actions? Again, maybe I'm missing something, but it seems like a pretty basic feature would be to sort Actions by Due, Start, Completed, etc. The lack of this option wouldn't be a deal breaker if I could create a Perspective with a specific grouping and sorting scheme on my Mac and have it show up on my iPhone, but that doesn't seem to be an option either (see point 1 above).

That said, it's obvious that OmniFocus is a very powerful application. I'm moving over from AwesomeNote, which, while it served its purpose very well given what i used it for (grocery lists, simple todo lists for work), I recently was given significantly more responsibility at work, including managing multiple projects, and need something more robust.

Thanks in advance for your input--I'm sure I'll have many more questions. :)

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