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Ok that makes sense. What could be a solution would be to email support and ask them to add a custom perspective to your database that does exactly what you needs. They store your data unencrypted and from what I have heard they are able and willing to assist with such for users who do not own a mac.
It appears I lied just above about how Forecast works now. It /does/ only show those tasks with an end time, not my "normal" tasks - much like the old "due soon/overdue" perspectives. But my original objection with Forecast back when it was introduced still stands - that it has the big honking un-hideable (as far as I've found) calendar along the top, taking up nearly half the screen in landscape view. First World Problems, I know, but there it is.

And then there's the irksome matter that I'm having to adjust how I use the app, again, due to an arbitrary change that reduces its usefulness. If they'd added a setting to change how it sorts tasks between the old smart way and this new dense method, I'd be perfectly happy because yay choices! But instead it appears they nuked the old sorting code from orbit, I assume to make room for the Siri glitter.

Thanks for trying, but I think it's just too much trouble when they're indicating with this change that they're more interested in adding new shinies like Siri integration when they already HAD calendar integration than keeping the old features like the smart-sorting that I bought the app for. And I kinda need it working properly by Monday, which definitely won't happen. No, I think this weekend will just have to be spent finding a new taskmaster app for my Kindle Fire and entering my schedule for next week.

Thanks again Christian, and good luck.