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We did have that filter available in Project mode, but there was a disconnect between what the filter did (find projects that were due soon) and what folks would try to use it for (to find actions that were due soon).

The confusion that disconnect caused was a persistent barrier to learning and trusting the app, especially with folks who were just starting out. In version 1.8, we removed that filter as part of a larger re-organization we did of the view bar.

That said, a view like the one you're looking for is easy to set up. Here are the menu selections you need to do so:

View -> Context Mode
View -> Grouping -> Project
View -> Status Filter -> Due Soon

Perspectives -> Save Window As -> New Perspective

Name the perspective whatever you want and from then on, it's accessible from the Perspectives menu. Shows you actions that are due soon, grouped by the projects they're from.

Hope that helps!