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Hi Guys -

I have a few project templates for helping me with workflow for customer facing projects. I'm a photographer and there are things I need to do before a shoot and after. So, I'm using omnifocus for that so I can attack those items as part of my normal GTD routine.

In these projects, I have steps that involve waiting for someone to return information to me, like selecting a final image or like I e-mail someone to ask where the shoot will take place, then I have to wait for their response.

I've built these projects into templates so that when I get booked, I just duplicate the template and drag it into my active area. I've been putting those "waiting on" actions into the context "wait". However, now that I have 20-30 of those project active, each with several "waiting on" actions, it's making my "Waiting" perspective difficult to deal with.

I'm looking for some good GTD advice on how I could better manage this. I want to be able to look at my "Waiting" perspective on a regular basis to make sure I'm following up on anyone who owes me something and when I look at it now, I have several hundred waiting actions.

So, how would you suggest I handle the context for those planned for waiting items? Is there a better way?