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Originally Posted by Tim Wood
Sadly, it seems to require that the computers are on the same LAN, "It's easy to set up and use across a local area network"

If I have my laptop with me, sure. But if I want to sync between my desktop at home and at work... maybe some VPN tricksies could make the discovery work or maybe their software really does work across wider networks.
Hmm... I was assuming it could sync to an external web server, and then my work could sync to that computer.

Local Area Network (LAN) connection between shared Macs OR for remote syncs the user must know the physical IP address of all the computers being synchronized and have Internet access.

Support for IP and name addressing
If you can ping a Mac, then SyncTogether can sync with it.

Password protection and data transfer encryption
A password must be provided before a Mac can join a SyncTogether group. Data is transmitted securely with SSL encryption, so it stays safe.
Information from other applications
SyncTogether can synchronize certain types of information belonging to third-party applications that also support Sync Services. SyncTogether currently supports Bare Bones Software Yojimbo; Chronos SOHO Contacts and Calendar; Llamagraphics LifeBalance; Microsoft Entourage 2004; Panic Transmit and others. As more applications employ Sync Services, SyncTogether will handle more types of information.

Looks like more research is in order.