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So the push reminder is useless for this scenario (I find myself in very often).
Omni aren't using push notifications at all. They're using local notifications.

"Push" means the notifications are sent to your phone from a server somewhere. This would entail OmniGroup running such a server that waits until the appropriate time and sends out the reminder to the user's device. This obviously has costs associated with it.

Local notifications work differently. The app can request, on the phone itself, "Please notify the user at this date/time with this message". That doesn't require running a server to send the messages, so is easier and cheaper.

However, they should be able to be displayed in Notification Centre no matter which underlying tech is being used. If you go to your phone's Settings -> Notifications -> OmniFocus, what settings do you have? There's a switch to control whether they appear in Notification Centre. Is it on for you?