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The Google service we were using for location searches stopped working, so we've had to switch to another service. We're a bit disappointed with the current results and looking for ways to tune our queries or a better service to use.

In the meantime, you can help us with our testing. If you're willing, when you find inaccurate results, please email us with the search terms you were using and your approximate location (eg zip code or city name). We can use these queries to compare the various search engines available to us.
I'm absolutely willing, while I have the time, to submit query results. Do you have a specific email address you'd like these to go to?

Also, are you able to disclose by what means you're getting current results? As discussed here and elsewhere, I've been trying to tweak results based on relative Google searches (from their main search page) and they don't line up. If we had a bit of information on where the searches were being parsed it might help us.

Finally, I know that the whole Google vs Apple mapping SNAFU is a big deal right now, but perhaps integrating with Apple's native mapping program could be a testing option as well. I believe that Apple is dedicated to improving the mapping search results with all of their developmental powers right now and when they work, they absolutely work (and seem to work rather well when searching for well-known business entities).

I've been testing briefly with a with a few searches that I've been having extreme difficulty with in OmniFocus (Lowe's Hardware, Walmart, Home Depot) and when you're specific the results are spot on (in the Apple maps app), while even in a Google Map search via the web, it pulls up other shops or entities (as in the case of Walmart it's vision or pharmacy departments instead of the store itself). Pros and cons to all suggestions, as I'm sure you guys already know.

Merely suggestions. Thanks for the communications!

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