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Are they wasting their efforts/resources on version 1? I doubt, they "killed iCal sync" and added "repetitive tasks". That counts like zero.

Apple has deprecated iCal syncing in favor of iCloud syncing.

If Apple no longer supports legacy technology, why would Omni Group keep supporting it in new versions?

Omni had no choice but to kill iCal sync for Mountain Lion users. You can still use an older version of Mac OS X to keep iCal syncing.

"non existent" development of their core app, which is still OF for Mac.
Non-existent development? Wow... I'm going to guess that Omni has elected not to show OmniFocus 2 just yet. A lot of the user interface and experiences that went into the iOS versions will most likely make its way to the Mac version. The Mac experience will definitely be affected by the work that Omni has done on the iOS side. So that can't count for zero.

Besides, why would Omni tip their hand and show off ideas that another company will probably try to steal?

I'm sure we're all frustrated by the non-arrival of OmniFocus 2. But it's something that none of us can control. Why worry about it? I've still got work to do and I'll do it with whatever tools I have at the moment. I don't have the time and energy to worry about a program that doesn't exist yet.

I'm betting that Omni would love to have OmniFocus 2 out already. But the introduction of the iPad put Omni's road map into uncharted territory.

Maybe I'm being optimistic but I hope to be very impressed with OmniFocus 2 whenever it arrives.