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The question is: are they still developing OF or are we on a dead horse? An app with no upgrades for more than a year is usually in danger of being dead. Error corrections are no upgrades, to be more precise.
I think the product upgrade cycle has become insane and this yearly expectation has become the new norm. We see new versions of Adobe Suite, Mac OS X, iPhones, iPads, and other packages on a yearly upgrade cycle.

Sometimes we can become fatigued by the frequent updates. I don't think that a yearly upgrade cycle can be sustained for too long. If OmniFocus was upgraded on a yearly basis, wouldn't we all get tired of having to pay for yet another version?

I know of many people who are several versions behind on their Adobe Suite upgrades because they grew tired and cautious of Adobe's upgrade cycle.

There are examples of folks who have stuck with Final Cut Pro 7 despite Final Cut Pro X being released many months ago.

Let's take an example like Angry Birds. It's not exactly an upgrade but Rovio actively updates Angry Birds with new levels every few months. It's not a dead product by any stretch of the imagination.

I think that the reason why we are all looking forward to OmniFocus 2 is because we see competing products such as Things, Clear, and even OmniFocus for iPad offering a different user interface/experience. We're all hoping that a new user workflow will change everything and make OmniFocus easier to use.