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I'm using Cloudsafe webDAV's service to sync to because I feel safer when my data remains encrypted at the server (although not like anyone wants to read my to do's). I have several questions regarding this:

1) I have an iPhone that's always connected, a wifi iPad that's only connected 1/2 the time I use it or less, and a Mac that's almost always connected when I use it. I use OF on all 3 platforms. What if I add a task on the iPhone, process the task on the iPad when it's offline and doesn't yet get to sync, and maybe do additional processing later on to the same task on my Mac, intending to override the changes on the iPad....and then sync all 3 at the end of the day. How might the conflicts be handled? And what is the best practice for syncing when you know that you can't be online all the time?

2) What do you suggest I can do to send tasks to myself (or allow my SO to send me honey do's) when I don't have access to OF? I know users of Omni Sync Server have the mail drop feature; is there a similar method I can use?

3) Does webDAV syncing behavior work the same as syncing with Omni Sync Server?