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As I use OmniFocus more and more, I'm finding it more challenging to prioritize my hundreds of tasks. I do a weekly review and update start dates, and I use due dates sparingly. However, when I do have a few spare moments, I like to knock out a couple of tasks. But with hundreds of tasks that are past the start date, I have to spend time thinking about which tasks will have the greatest impact and should get first attention. I don't want to use flags for this purpose (I am using them to label a few critical client requests). For example, I may have active ten projects, but three have fallen behind, so I want to bump them up to a higher priority for attention when I have some open time. I want the tasks associated with those projects to be front and center. How are others prioritizing tasks? I kinda miss the FranklinCovey ABC prioritization concept. Any way to implement that with the fields available in OmniFocus?
I have the same question. I find it very frustrating that one cannot prioritize tasks more efficiently. There are some things where it makes sense to insert a start date, but then as you mentioned, if you keep ignoring those tasks (because life sometimes gets very busy all at once, and those tasks, whilst important are less important than the new priorities), they clutter your review process. Making a decision about the priority status of a task means that you are not handling that task over and over.

I think that I am going to try changing my context labels to:
Now: phone;
now: email;
Now: desk;
errands: groceries;
waiting for

But really, what I wish is that OF would introduce a way to prioritize tasks, without me having to give up my contexts!!!

On another note, I do not understand why one cannot change the order of tasks within a perspective. I have created a "today" perspective with flagged items - but I would like to stack the tasks in the order of priority (that I determine at that moment - not be dependant on sometimes arbitrary start dates) - but OF wont let me do this!!! As a result, I look at my list of "Today's" tasks and spend time inefficiently weighing up what I should do next all through the day. I would like to get the step of prioritization out of the way at the beginning of the day whilst I am in scheduling mode - make a decision once, not multiple times through the day.