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In my typical OO file I have two columns, a text column and a checkbox column to the right (so I can keep track of things in my notes requiring follow up).

I haven't yet tested to see whether this problem relates to OO4 or OP, but it only happens on OO4 when files are synced with OP so I think that may be the source of the issue. Once a document has been synced, the ToDo checkboxes move to the left of the text inline with the text (as opposed to in a separate column). Not sure if you've seen this behavior before.
Are you syncing with OmniOutliner iPad? Or just between two macs? If it's just between two macs, what pjb mentioned is possible but I'm not sure why that would happen. Please email our support and we can help you figure out what's going on and get any bugs fixed. Thanks!