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I am an attorney that uses a case management program that doesn't have very good task management. I am wanting to incorporate OmniFocus as I have heard many good things. When I add a case/matter to my case management program it syncs with Dropbox and automatically creates a folder directory (e.g. Doe, John\Doe-CriminalLaw-0001\). Using Hazel, automator and Applescript, I then make subfolders automatically when the new folder is added (e.g. 1 Correspondence, 2 Court Docs, 3 Billing...).

Is there a way to use applescript and hazel to automatically create an OmniFocus project for each new matter when a new folder is added to Dropbox? I have tried figuring it out, but it is above my head at this point. It would be great if I could then figure out how to automatically assign a set of tasks for each new project depending on the type (e.g. Conflicts Check, Draft Petition, Serve Defendant, etc.).

Any help would be appreciated as I have seen some really great ideas and solution while searching the forum.