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Mark, I agree. On April 5th Michelle from Omni posted this message: "How do you use your inbox?" I think she got a lot of good feedback. But, to your point, below is some of my response to that original message.

Thanks for your suggestion, thus raising the issue again. If some sort of inbox item count feature hasn't already been added, perhaps this thread will get some attention from Omni.


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Yes, preferably in the toolbar, perhaps as an icon of an ordinary desk inbox tray. And like the Apple trash icon, if it contains an item it would have some "papers" on the top of it; no papers = empty. Additionally, I would want to know how many items are in there, so perhaps either an item count in a small circle right on the front of the tray, or revealed via a mouse rollover. Double-clicking it (or using a command key combination) would open it for me.

An inbox nag. This would, of course, be controlled by user preferences: some would love it, others not so much. But if I checked the appropriate preference, then whenever I quit the app, if I still have items in my inbox, a window would pop up advising me of this. I could then choose to ignore it and quit anyway, or click on an inbox button in that window which would immediately open up my inbox for me.