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Synchronization will be automatic, but at the same level as Kinkless. For 1.0, we will synchronize with other devices (Palm, phone) by going through iCal. There will be no built-in support for synchronizing computers, but we will include support for storing the database on a thumb drive or remote file server.
Since I am not an alpha tester, it is not clear if the database is composed of one file or several (or many) related files. If the former, then it is very easy to manually sync the file. However, if there are multiple files, can we configure OF to use a dedicated folder for all the files that compose the database? If so, then we are in good shape to help ourselves with the sync issue - ChronoSync FTW!

Also, while it may be pie-in-the-sky type stuff, has Omni given any thought to scaling OF (and OP!) for workgroup use? If so, please consider the needs of workgroups that are scattered across the Internet; and, to a lesser extent, the needs of workgroups that will have non-Mac group members.