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I also strongly believe that something like this is badly needed. In another thread (somewhere) one of the Omni folks stated that they were thinking about including smart folders, but not for version 1. Plus there have been a few comments that smart folders aren't very GTD.

I think the "smart" label is tripping us up. In Mail or iTunes, smart folders have complex behaivior including serching over multiple feilds and implimenting AND/OR compound criteria.

I would perfectly happy with just a way to store and recall my OF settings. In another thread I posted a clunky bit of applescript that sort of does this for context view, but I'd much rather have it baked-in. I don't know a thing about application development, but the fact that I got 80% of the way there in a couple hours with applescript strongly suggests to me that it would not be that difficult to implement. Perhaps even in time for version 1.

By my count, there are only 13 values that need to be stored:

1. context or project view
2. focus (i.e. hoist position)
3. contexts selected
4. context view - show contexts filter
5. context view - group filter
6. context view - sort filter
7. context view - task state filter
8. context view - duration filter
9. project view - show projects filter
10. project view - group filter
11. project view - sort filter
12. project view - task state filter
13. project view - duration filter

That's it. Set every thing the way you like it for a particular circumstance like "In the office", or "Weekly review" or, "Planning vacation" and save it. Then bring all those settings back whenever you want.

What do you think, Omni? Remotely possible?