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Saying people are simply going to buy the iPhone because it's "cool" is juvenile. People say thats the same reason people buy so many iPods.

But what makes it cool? Is it just the Apple logo?

Or is it the fact that people who use computers at work everyday of their lives, but have no idea that you can move documents by dragging them, can figure out an iPod/iPhone?

I work with these people everyday. Im the entire IT department for my small company. When I show them you can right click to create folders, and put files in there by just dragging them, they go "neat". But they don't get the "desktop" folder/file metaphor and they just forget the next day what I showe d them.

But they can use iPods.

Yes the iPhone is missing features. 99% of them are software related. This is a brand new phone platform. The software will get better.

Anybody remember OS X 10.0?