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I created a diagram when I was trying to figure out contexts. I started by making a quadrant out of what seemed to be the two major contextual divides in my life. Once I had that I found it quite simply to easily populate each of the quadrants with usefully distinct contexts.
This felt very much like a good way to think about it, but I confess that I can't quite figure out why, so your mileage may very well vary.

In @meetings I have explicitly subdivided into various regular meetings that I attend, and in @people I have subdivided into different specific people.

While the quadrants actually work fairly well, there were some overlapping contexts. That's because the people in @people can be either work people or friends/family etc., and because @sideprojects tend to creep outside of work hours. Again, your mileage may vary.

You can draw your own conclusions about my work life balance from looking at where the lines are drawn :)