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The new default time for due items was much requested in other threads. I think I like it, though I'm withholding judgment for a few days. I also like the idea of three colors for coming soon, due sometime today, and late. Unfortunately we're starting to have too many colors for that to effectively communicate. Green would seem to be the only unused color in the basic rainbow. Maybe due soon could be green, sometime today orange, and late red. Those who are red-green colorblind would assuredly disagree, though not seeing with their eyes I don't know if they've already been left behind with the current color scheme.

Also, note that the default start time is still 12am. So if I enter "today" for both the start and due dates I get a task that should already have begun, but is not yet late. That makes sense to me.
I organize my life in terms of days, not hours, minutes, or microseconds.

It doesn't make any sense to force me to care about due times when they are completely irrelevant to me.

If start dates and due times are useful to you, wonderful, but I don't want to unnecessarily want to complicate my life by devoting a single thought (or keystroke) to them.