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I think the way to handle this is to not assign it a context (a context implies you have a sense of exactly how you would do it, and are ready to go)
So far the vast majority of Actions I have that are waiting for have a Context that is known up front. "Order widget X." @computer [waiting for budget approval]; "Go for walk on beach." @errands [waiting for sunny day]. So for me, I'd rather have it entered up front, but I can see this isn't the case for everyone. Still, having a "WF" or "WF- Electrician (or someone like him)" is a handy way to filter; it would be interesting to have a second Context assignable to an Action, sort of queued up that would take over when the WF is done. Go ahead, throw the beer bottles this way, I'm surrounded by chickenwire! ;)

davisre: thanks for the Context "On Hold" tip -- I'll give that a try.