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I would like to see one step beyond:
overdue: red
today: blue
tomorrow: orange
And I do not need due times!
Hi -
I like the colors, I can't figure out why they change from red to orange - it seems to have something to do with the times.......???

I would like to see more preferences as well. I do not mind a cluttered preference window if I can pick and choose how I want the program to operate for me. I would like a default to not set any exact time of day - yet, I want the option to add a time to be there for me if I need it. I would like to set my own preference to choose the colors for my actions. i.e. If it's due in one day-orange, 2 days-magenta, 1 week-purple, 1 month-green, over due, etc.

Give me preferences - I love 'em!